Rental of artworks

A prestigious decoration without spending too much


Artefact Gallery is pleased to offer you a high-end rental service that is perfectly adapted to your working environment.


Art is an original vector that allows you to express all the DNA of your company by displaying its creative and innovative spirit. A prestigious decoration of your reception area will improve your image with your customers and business partners.


This image capital gain is fully deductible from the rental charges relating to business premises (external expense account no. 6135 (equipment and furniture rental). Similarly, VAT is recoverable.


The main interest of an art lease is to keep your company’s cash flow intact, without impairing its borrowing capacity. The artwork rental rate is standardized according to the size of the works and the duration of the rental. The insurance of the works of art on deposit is covered by the company’s usual insurance (movable property; simple declaration generally does not incur any additional costs).

The services of our rental offer

Personalized contract

according to your wishes: number and format of artworks chosen, rental period, regular renewal, monthly subscription

Transport of the artworks

round trip paid for by the gallery

Expert opinion

on the selection and according to the final environment of the artworks (reception area, offices, meeting room…)


to strengthen your company’s internal and external communication around the chosen works (signage; information on the artist; techniques used…)

After-sales service

highly responsive proximity

1 month to change your mind

and choose another artwork of the same format for long-term contracts (the risk of error in the choice of the artwork is non-existent)

Hanging by our care

Possibility of delegating the hanging with optimization of the lighting (additional estimate)

How to choose which works of art to rent?

Rental possibilities

There are two main choices:

  • Depending on the space available, choose the number and size of paintings you want
  • Set a monthly budget and adapt the number and size of the tables chosen

For each painting, the rental price is determined by a calculation according to the duration of the rental and the format of the artwork (sum = Length + width of the artwork).

Initial set-up fee (file study, administrative management, initial delivery and return): 100€ HT (offered in case of rental > 6 months).

The advantages of long-term leasing

  • Renewal of artworks every 6 months
  • 1 month to change your mind with replacement by a work of the same category (optimal adaptation to the environment)
  • Delivery and return of works included
  • Set-up package offered
  • Most attractive price
Small paintings (L + W < 65 cm) Medium paintings (65 to 130 cm) Large paintings (130 to 195 cm) Very large paintings (L + W > 195 cm)
Punctual (3 to 5 days) 35€ 70€ 105€ 140€
1 month 70€ 140€ 210€ 280€
6 months 56€/month 112€/month 168€/month 224€/month
12 months 49€/month 98€/month 147€/month 196€/month
Long term  (> 12 months with renewal every 6 months) 35€/month 70€/month 105€/month 140€/month

Exception: artists Alain Bertrand and Timothy Archer (prices are doubled due to the artist’s high rating on the art market).