Philippe Lonzi


Philippe Lonzi

Born in 1955



  • Steel sculpture

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At a very young age, Philippe Lonzi was fascinated by DIY. By the age of 9, he had already moved a large part of his parents’ house to set up his workshop. Ten years later, he repairs an old luxury car by himself.


Today, he puts his talents as a do-it-yourselfer at the service of his art. Sculpture is for the artist a sincere form of expression. But it is only from 2017 that he decides to devote himself fully to it.


Philippe Lonzi works with steel in all its aspects, his cutting work on new metal. His sculptures can be abstract and based on geometrical shapes, some of them creating plays of light and shadow thanks to the cutting technique.


Philippe Lonzi‘s sculptures are an opportunity for him to travel to the depths of his thoughts. From each new creation created, a sculpture is born which for the artist remains the witness of a creative emotion without limits.

Each work in progress is a challenge, a new adventure, a laborious journey of the mind.