Maro One


Maro One

Born in 1986



  • Spray painting
  • Acrylic painting

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Maro One is a young artist born in Marseille, in France. He began his career with graffiti in 1999, being fascinated by the work done on walls.

Throughout his studies, his painting is enriched by multiple references. He develops his pictorial universe through artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat. He is also influenced by the multicultural society that surrounds him.

By conviction to share his painting, between a mix of urban, figurative and contemporary art. He devotes himself fully to it by working in his studio.

Maro One‘s subjects are a reflection of today’s world, related to his personal feelings, while mixing symbolism and artistic references.

Graffiti is a stigmatized and misunderstood mode of expression that never leaves me!