Aurel Street


Aurel Street

Born in 1988



  • Street art 
  • Spray painting

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Aurel Street is an artist who has been passionate about art for a few years. He is more interested in the street art movement and tries to represent it as well as possible. For him, street art must echo graffiti and be practiced in the street. It can be combined with studio work to obtain interesting creations. Aurel Street identifies the places he finds fun to create a real work in his studio that he will then paste in the street.


In high school, Aurel Street had been noticed by his art teacher for his pencil stroke and overflowing imagination. His characters, the pandas, are most often stylized, accentuated by strokes and all sorts of signs, marking the movement and accentuating the closeness with the comic book.


Aurel Street restores impulses, a jubilant state. Nevertheless, this sweet madness also hides an unspoken fear that can be guessed in the eyes of some characters. This cartoon-like representation brings to light a universe that is far from being childish or naive. Aurel Street expresses a vision and a lucid look.

I would like to convey in my work a feeling of joy and good mood, the positive attitude.