Alain Bertrand


Alain Bertrand

Born in 1946



  • Oil paint and brush
  • Large-format canvas supports

Follow the artist

Alain Bertrand spent his childhood near the American base in Evreux, which gradually shaped his artistic universe. There he discovered rock’n’roll, cigarettes, and above all American cars.


After his time in the army, he worked for Renault and stayed there for 11 years controlling the R5 and R12. At the same time, he mainly paints cars and starts to place his drawings in comics newspapers such as Tintin and Pilote.


In the 1970s, he made a trip to the United States that would leave a permanent mark on his painting. He also began a career as an illustrator in the service of advertising, publishing and also the press.


On a regular basis, Alain Bertrand travels back to Arizona and New Mexico in search of the remains of the American dream and rolling or rusty American sheet metal.


Namely that his second aesthetic shock came in the 80s when he discovered Cuba. A new thematic aspect develops in his painting thanks to his daily life in Havana. For him, the warmth of the colors and the impression that time has stopped there are a powerful source of inspiration.


Alain Bertrand paints motorized subjects in an assertive hyperrealist style. His paintings speak directly to us: lively, dynamic,… He takes us back a few decades and leaves us forever nostalgic for the American dream.

In 1976, I undertook my first trip to the United States. I fell in love with American trucks. I found them very beautiful and very representative of the company.