Business solutions

Sale, personalized order of artworks, live performance of artists, seminar… Our gallery offers many services to meet your needs.

Sale of works of contemporary art


  • Cash purchase: with the possibility of a free 1-week scenario setting
  • Test a artwork before buying it: rental for 1 month (10% excl. VAT of the price) then if buying at the end of the month, full deduction of the purchase price.
  • Rental with Purchase Option (LOA): 10% excl. tax of the price per month for 10 months with the possibility of acquiring the artwork as of the 11th month


Rental artworks on a one-off or long-term basis


Deductible investment:

  • Rents deductible from the taxable result (fitting out and decoration of professional space; communication budget for promotional elements)
  • Spreading of the purchase cost (via LOA levy) and tax saving
  • Does not affect the company’s borrowing or self-financing capacity with preservation of the company’s cash flow
  • Recoverable VAT on rents

Customized artwork orders


  • Tailor-made artwork according to the company’s wishes, in the image of the company
  • Important tax advantages: identical to those for classic artworks (same tax advantages for a mural painting or sculpture created)


Live artist performance


Artefact Gallery, specialist in contemporary art in Metz, offers you a wide range of internationally renowned artists and personalized artistic services.


  • Organisation of a tailor-made event for the company, highlighting the value of the company externally (customers, business partners, media, advertising) and internally (unifying event for the company)
  • Amortization in the advertising budget for the event service and tax advantage for the artwork created
  • Personal creation: association of artists from other disciplines to create an extraordinary artistic event (music, light show, dance…)


Artefact Gallery brings you its know-how and expertise in contemporary art in order to guide you towards the most relevant choices for you and your company: advice on the choice of artworks and artists, framing, hanging and highlighting of artworks, tailor-made investment solutions and tax expertise, search for works on request.


Rental of private space for corporate events or seminars

For your seminars and evening events, the Artefact Gallery provides you with its presentation space.


  • Fully equipped to receive in excellent conditions of comfort up to 60 people seated (seminars, training courses…)
  • Do not hesitate to relocate your exceptional events in a luxurious and original setting!
  • Rental of a personalized space: full day, seminar up to 3 consecutive days, evenings, exceptional catering services