Jérôme Royer


Jérôme Royer

Born in 1975



  • Acrylic on canva
  • Chinese ink

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Jérôme Royer is born in Reims in February 1975. From a very young age, he developed a passion for drawing, guided by a painter uncle and encouraged by his teachers and entourage. He passed an art test at the baccalaureate. However, in spite of his passion, he considers artistic practice as a simple hobby that allows him to express himself and decides to continue his studies in the building industry.

Jérôme starts his career in a construction company and stops drawing for a while before life’s circumstances lead him to leave this company to become a building and architectural draftsman. The first step was taken.

Instagram, where he began to post his drawings, is really the trigger of his artistic career. The enthusiasm of a growing public encouraged him and made him aware of his vocation.

Jérôme Royer draws more and more: one drawing a week, then one a day, then several a day… Then comes the discovery of painting, and more particularly watercolour. The artistic practice occupies his least free time, and the financial crisis impacting his professional activity, gives him the time he needs to perfect his painting, to express his creativity and to attend his first exhibitions. It was as if the universe was helping him to become an artist. “We’ll have the destiny we deserve.” Said A. Einstein.

Martial arts, especially aikido and tai chi chuan, are very important in his artistic development. He handles his brush with a sure hand and uses movement and energy to bring his paintings to life. He throws the paint with a dry movement, he glides his brush on the canvas with lightness, he listens to his heart. He mixes fine and detailed painting with intuitive and spontaneous stylistic curves.

His faith in humanity leads him to put man at the centre of his work. His works are a mixture of figurative and abstract. His philosophy is based on the balance of Ying and Yang.
Jérôme’s wish, who has found through his brush the means to express himself, is to touch and perhaps inspire the lives of others.

My paintings are the result of a quantum meditation.